Exclusive: Five Years Ago Today, Trump’s 2-Word Tweet Changed The World

The last few years might be some of the most historic in American history. 2016 saw the liberals scattered in defeat, after planning to steal our democracy. 2017 and 2018 have been packed with victory after victory. President Trump is making good on his word to make America great again.

But many people cannot help but remember a simple moment, years ago. Trump has been outspoken with his politic opinions. Yet, since the 80’s, he’s denied any interest in running for public office.

Until one day, when a Twitter user called him out over his criticisms of President Obama. Russell Steinberg, in replying to Trump, dared him to run for President. Trump’s two-word tweet would be considered a foreshadowing of the things we are now experiencing.

From Twitter:

Here’s the context that makes this the drop that started the Trump Tsunami:

All that happened today, just five short years ago. Who would have thought that those two words would turn into a movement to change America? Donald Trump was able to unite millions of Americans to take their country back. He is leading the charge that will dismantle the corrupt political system of D.C.

Thanks to Trump, jobs are coming back to America. Jobs that Obama claimed would never return. He is exposing levels of corruption within the government we didn’t know existed. He has restored America’s confidence, at home and abroad. With his help, ISIS has been crushed. And illegal immigration is facing its final end.

The choke hold liberals had on our government, media, and culture is weakening. Democrats have been dealt a deathblow. Hollywood is falling apart. Leftists are facing serious problems across the country as their Socialist agenda is undone.

We are even saying Merry Christmas again.

Patriotic Americans are proud to be a citizen of the U.S.A. once again.

And we have Russel Steinberg to thank. Although I’m guessing he’s not too happy about it.

Source: Twitter

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