An American Ally Is Actually An Enemy—But They Are On The Verge Of Defeat

President Trump made history this week when he met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. With the agreement they signed, it looks like this long-time enemy might become a friend.

That leaves only a few enemies left for the U.S. to contend with. Some of our greatest challenges lie in the Middle East. We have plenty of allies in the region, but a few nations seek dominance. That is particularly true in countries like Syria.

A dangerous alliance has been formed between Iran, Russia, and Turkey. These nations are poised to take over Syria for their own purposes. Clearly, they want to exploit the Middle East for their own gain.

Although an ally on paper, Turkey seems incredibly aggressive. In recent history, they have become more and more hostile to Western views. Their involvement in the Syrian civil wars has only made the conflict more complicated and deadly.

It all revolves around their current leader, President Erdogan. But signs are showing he might not be in power for long.

From Bloomberg:

Turkey’s election this month could go down to the wire, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan facing a tougher battle to cement power or even an upset, according to a poll commissioned by Bloomberg.

Erdogan can win the presidential vote in the first round on June 24 with 50.8 percent support and get the backing of a majority in parliament, the survey by Foresight Danismanlik of 500 people on June 7-11 found. But a surprise victory for the opposition is also within the margin of error.

The most powerful factor tilting the result in Erdogan’s favor is the unwavering devotion to him and his AK party. Very few core supporters can imagine themselves voting for anyone else even as the deterioration of the economy looms large. But nationalists have been deserting their traditional party.

Turkey is in a dangerous place, right now. The only independent news outlet has been taken over by government allies. Erdogan has a long record of persecuting and imprisoning citizens over their speech. And he continues to interfere in the Syria conflict.

You don’t have to be a political analyst to realize he has designs on becoming a dictator. Perhaps he wants to build a new empire, in his image.

Whatever the case might be, he’s increasingly becoming an enemy to the West. His designs in the Middle East will bring more war and destruction.

Polling by Bloomberg suggests that he doesn’t have the united support of his country. Enough supporters are eroding that he will have a harder time clinching the upcoming election.

This could be a sign that the Turkish people are growing tired of Erdogan and his tyrannical ways. But will it be enough? Are we seeing the last days of President Erdogan?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Bloomberg

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