American Hero Dies In Combat, So His Widow Writes A Letter For Him To Read In Heaven

Our veterans sacrifice so much to protect our country.

They sacrifice time with their families, their friends, and even their own lives in order to defend the Constitution.

One veteran in particular has been honored for his exceptional bravery:

Chris Kyle is the epitome of heroism in the eyes of many Americans; he served four tours in Iraq and had over 150 confirmed kills as a Navy SEAL sniper.

Tragically, he survived Iraq only to be gunned down by a mentally ill veteran in his home state of Texas back in 2013.

Despite his unfair end, his effect on America continues to live on in many ways. Through the film based on his life, American Sniper, millions were touched by Kyle’s heroism in Iraq.

Furthermore, through legislation passed in his name, veterans have been able to use their military training to obtain occupational licenses.

And thanks to his widow, Taya Kyle, Chris Kyle’s name will continue to live on.

Taya Kyle has never forgotten the man she married, and recently penned him a beautiful note to commemorate his birthday.

From IJR:

“The widow, who now travels the country honoring her husband’s legacy and sharing her faith, went on to say she felt Chris Kyle’s ‘happiness’ on Sunday.

Even as she’s learning to cope with his passing, Taya Kyle said the memory of what once was still hurts:

My heart is beating harder as I write this. Sadness is threatening to rush in.

It’s like remembering what I want to share about Chris makes me happy and then my heart cracks. Dang it.

It doesn’t come without heartbreak yet — but man — I’m not remembering with sobbing tears like every other year.

Kyle went on to share the many good times she shared with her husband.

For instance, he was a “prankster, lover, gentleman and father who not only loved his kids so deeply, but showed them his love”, and “a man who took serving others seriously but never took himself that way.”

Chris Kyle truly was unwavering in his efforts to serve his fellow man, especially veterans. The cruel irony is that it was during his efforts to try to help a veteran that he lost his life.

But instead of focusing on his heartbreaking death, Taya Kyle is choosing to celebrate his life.

To Chris: Happy Birthday, Love. You are the gift. Thank you for the joy then and now.

The kids and I are praying God embarrasses you with a big bear hug in front of everyone in heaven today. I. Love. You.

Read the full post below:

What an odd day today is… it’s Chris’s birthday and I feel happy, really happy about his life. It isn’t overshadowed…

Posted by Taya Kyle – American Wife on Sunday, April 8, 2018

Source: IJR

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