Two-Thirds Of Americans Support 2020 Census Question That Has Illegals Shaking In Their Boots

If you’re an illegal immigrant, you are not a United States citizen.

Despite the endless push by the left to prove otherwise, this will always remain a fact.

And given the sheer number of illegals currently running around our country, draining government coffers with every step, we should know who’s a citizen and who’s not.

That’s why the 2020 Census will replace a question that hasn’t been part of the official questionnaire since 1950.

Last month, President Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross revealed that the new Census will ask U.S. residents if they’re actually citizens.

It’s a perfectly valid and logical question to ask, even if liberals everywhere are having a meltdown.

Such a question will give us a more accurate view of how many citizens and noncitizens exist in the country and chances are, the percentage of noncitizens will be scary high.

Maybe that’s why most Americans totally support this new question. Via Breitbart:

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