Border Patrol Makes Sudden Announcement, Delivers On Trump’s Promise To America

When Donald Trump was on the campaign trail, he made several bold promises to Americans.

Such promises were precisely what U.S. citizens needed to hear, which is why Trump ended up winning the 2016 presidential election.

And now that he’s in the Oval Office, the businessman turned Leader of the Free World is making things happen.

Most recently, Trump’s tax reform saved hard-working Americans a boatload of cash, for which we’re all very grateful.

And now, after dozens of hurdles and endless criticism from the left, the President has finally made good on another major campaign promise:

He’s going to put an end to illegal immigration once and for all…by building the wall!

Yes, the long-awaited border wall has officially begun construction, as The Department of Homeland Security held a groundbreaking ceremony to commemorate that fact.

As El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Aaron E. Hull told reporters during his speech:

The president has started his project.

This is the beginning, in this sector, of the president’s border wall.

The wall’s massive steel structure will stretch a full six feet under ground, and will be enforced by two feet of concrete beneath that.

The visible part of the barrier will be between 18 and 30 feet and will be constructed mostly out of concrete, with a five-foot plate at the top that will stop people from climbing over.

Added Hull:

It is going to deter all but the most determined illegal entrants from entering the United States here.

It is going to make it harder to cross for illegal aliens.

It’s going to make it harder for smugglers and border criminals to move freely between the two countries as they do now.

Appropriately, this first section of wall is being erected in one of the busiest areas for illegal alien apprehensions, and a “prime corridor for the smuggling of narcotics.”

If things go smoothly, the project will be completed by next March and then Americans will feel much safer in their beds.

Overall, Trump wants an additional 1,000 miles of new fencing and frankly, we need it ASAP.

This isn’t about keeping people out; this is about keeping citizens safe and stopping illegal individuals from stealing billions from our already strained system.

Maybe one day, liberals will figure that out … though I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

Source: Washington Examiner

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