Border State Democrats Reject $1.4M For Citizens, All To Send Trump A Message

It’s clear to everyone that Democrats don’t care about American citizens. Time and again they put the interests of criminals and outsiders ahead of voting, tax-paying citizens. You have to wonder about a party whose very platform is against the people who support them.

In this age of Trump, liberals are being exposed for their corruption and hypocrisy. President Trump works to protect Americans of all backgrounds. Democrats? Oh, they’re rejecting Trump’s leadership, punishing their own people, and flushing goodwill down the toilet.

Now Arizona proves they don’t care about the safety of their people, with a bogus vote.

From Western Journal:

An Arizona county’s supervisory board voted last week to reject more than $1 million in federal money to help protect the border…

The money, part of the Operation Stonegarden grant, was supposed to be used to pay overtime for border agents, as well as to “buy equipment to coordinate efforts with federal agencies to improve border security,” according to The Arizona Daily Star…

In explaining his vote, Elías cited concern with the changes in immigration enforcement that he has seen in the county since Trump became president.

“It’s a new deal out there at the border and the board is concerned with having our sheriffs become more involved in working on federal immigration law,” he said.

Hmm, you’d think a board that represents Arizona citizens would want more security. Their own people suffer daily from illegal immigration. Unless, of course, these liberal hacks care more about criminal aliens than they do the people whose taxes pay their salaries.

Democrats have made it clear they aren’t willing to improve America. They didn’t get their way in 2016, so they’re protesting like little babies. They don’t even care how their actions are hurting real Americans. They just want to stick a middle finger in the face of this administration.

Why does anyone still put up with these hacks? They aren’t interested in the welfare of Americans. They are only concerned with expanding their party’s power. A party, mind you, that always fails to make good on their promises. A party that never backs their campaign speeches will real action.

A party that had eight years to help America under Obama, only to make the country worse than it was before.

Today the Democrats are a joke. A laughing stock among all honest Americans. Because they are bitter over Trump, they are even rejecting much needed federal funds. This vote will make Arizona less safe and more vulnerable to drug cartels and terrorists.

Is that really worth it, Democrats?

Source: Western Journal

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