California Reveals Ruthless Punishment For Waiters Who Hand Out Too Many Straws

There are many issues facing the embattled state of California. Rising homelessness. Crumbling infrastructure. Illegal immigration and rampant crime.

Of course, their leaders are focusing on something far more dangerous:


Those crazy liberals of the West Coast have decided plastic straws are a top threat to our society; this menace will destroy us long before anything else, it seems.

But it’s not enough to just ask Americans to use less plastic. California lawmakers must take it many steps further.

A new bill ensures that nobody will want to work in a CA restaurant, as it will punish waiters who give out straws to customers. How? Oh, they’ll go to jail.

From Conservative Tribune:

“You may have heard that California is trying to save the Earth one straw at a time by punishing restaurant servers who give straws without asking for them. And that it could even end in jail time.

According USA Today, the bill — first introduced by state Democrat Assemblyman Ian Calderon in January — would have initially subjected servers to a fine of $1,000 or six months in jail if they violate the ordinance…

The bill hasn’t passed into law yet, although it has a good chance, given that Assemblyman Calderon is head of the lower chamber of the legislature.”

Why in the world would lawmakers waste their time with such a stupid bill? How can you send someone to jail for handing out a straw?

Meanwhile, very real problems are devastating the state:

The homelessness in San Francisco is so bad, experts are comparing the city to third world countries. Trash and feces litters the streets. Los Angeles has record-breaking homelessness.

The state can’t even bother to build new reservoirs, for the impending drought.

Yet this idiot wants to criminalize straws? Seriously?

The sad reality is that there are many good people in California, and they don’t deserve to be harassed by a tyrannical government like this. Waiters should be free to do their jobs, without fear of being thrown into jail.

Honestly, the pay sucks, the hours are long, and customers can be nasty. Now you want to throw this into the mix?

Do California lawmakers want anyone to work? Apparently not.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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