California Threw $1.5B Of Taxpayer Cash at State’s Dirtiest Problem, And The Results Are in

California is facing a massive homeless crisis.

Their homeless population makes up twenty-five percent of the entire country’s homeless. Clearly, whatever they are doing to fix the problem isn’t working.

So, the mayor of Los Angeles (the city with the biggest problem) came up with an idea:

Let’s raise taxes to fund government programs that will support the homeless. These “supportive services” were supposed to help people, getting them off the streets.

And what happens? The $1.5 billion program didn’t help at all; in fact, there are more homeless in the city now.

From Conservative Tribune:

“Government officials in Southern California have thrown a lot of money at the homeless problem in recent years.

Thus far, the expenditure hasn’t paid off.

Los Angeles-based author Mickey Kaus posted a photo Sunday on his Twitter page showing what his neighborhood looks like one year after a county sales-tax hike was approved to fund more than $350 million a year in services for the homeless…

Garcetti has made plenty of promises during his time as mayor of Los Angeles, but from a statistical standpoint, most of those pledges have come up empty.”

What a surprise! Liberals taking more money, with worse results…where have we seen that before?

Oh yes, during the entire Obama administration.

Government handouts (like Welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, etc.) aren’t meant to get people out of poverty.

In fact, it keeps them in poverty, giving them only barely enough to survive. People on these programs don’t get jobs, the one thing that will get them out of poverty.

The programs exacerbate the program, rather than solve it.

The same thing is happening with California’s homeless and all liberals can do is throw everyone else’s money at the issue. It’s their only answer to every problem, in fact.

When will they figure this out? When the entire country is broke?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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