After CNN Tries To Slander Trump, White House Boss Lady Unleashes A Torrent Of Truth

Few Americans have much respect left for CNN, and we all know why:

Their staff of “journalists” has given up on real news long ago.

In the Donald Trump era, they have become liberal activists, bent on undermining the administration, and that is especially true of their White House Correspondent Jim Acosta.

Recently, he tried to jump all over White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during a press event.

Acosta painted Trump as being light on Russia—once again pushing the idea that Trump colluded with the foreign power. But Acosta made a few mistakes, and his biggest was to challenge Sanders.

From Red State:

“Just because you’ve been saying this over the last couple weeks that nobody has been tougher on Russia and Vladimir Putin than this president, isn’t there some hyperbole in that?” Acosta asked Sanders…

Sanders seemed more than ready for that question and shot it down quickly.


You cite like one example for each of those individuals,” Sanders responded.

“Let’s talk about a few actions that the president has taken that previous administrations haven’t.

Sanders proceeded to rip into Acosta, reminding him that President Trump “has issued four statements condemning Russia’s poisoning of U.K. citizens on U.K. soil.”

And that wasn’t all; let’s not forget about big military strikes on the Assad regime in the Middle East and Syria.

Sanders finished:

It is without dispute that this administration and this president has done a number of things to be tough on Russia.

Ouch, I know I wouldn’t want to be Acosta!

He mentioned a few things past Presidents did in opposition to Russia; I guess he thought that would be enough to embarrass Sanders.

But it seems Acosta didn’t know what the Trump administration has actually done or he blatantly ignored it…like most members of the media today.

The reality is, it doesn’t matter how hard Trump is on Russia, because facts don’t matter to Acosta or the rest of the liberal media.

They distort the facts to push their agenda; the entire liberal media is devoted to destroying the duly elected President of the United States.

And that’s just the plain disturbing truth of the matter, my fellow U.S. citizens.

Source: Red State

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