CNN Trashes Melania Trump For One Action, But Michelle Obama Did It All The Time

CNN has inappropriately slammed the First Lady for doing something Michelle Obama did all the time. Every chance she got, in fact.

Americans long for the days when journalists just reported the news without inserting their own twisted opinions into it.

We are perfectly able to form our own opinions based on facts, without having a liberal bias shoved down our throats.

But CNN hasn’t gotten the message, and their viewership has taken a nosedive as a result. The network had a little over 800,000 viewers during primetime in May, and about 780,0000 in June.

However, these low ratings have done little to stop the network from attacking the First Family and any move the President makes.

The media’s animus towards the Trump family is psychopathic: there is nothing any of them can do that won’t be twisted and thrown back at them later.

Case in point: Melania Trump’s recent visit to the border to see the children being temporarily detained.

This genuine effort to better understand the children’s situation should have been praised by the media, but CNN commenter Ana Navarro decided to spew her own hateful opinion into the narrative.

From IJR:

“As first lady Melania Trump took her second trip to the border to visit children who had been separated from their parents in immigration detention centers, CNN’s Ana Navarro took the opportunity to slam her for ‘staged photo-ops.’


“The very first question that Melania Trump asked when she went on a visit to the border was ‘I really don’t care, do you?’ That was the very first question she asked,” Navarro said, referencing the first lady’s controversial jacket donned during her first border trip.

‘I’m a little over these staged photo-ops,’ she continued. ‘I’m a little over — I’m a little unaffected by hearing that Ivanka and Melania are having influence on the president.’”

If CNN’s declining viewership is anything to go by, it’s Americans who are “more than a little over” Ana Navarro and CNN.

The message on the jacket Melania wore wasn’t aimed at illegal immigrants. It was aimed at the media, as the President later explained.

But Navarro chose to ignore this fact, as well as every time the Obamas staged photo-ops.

The former president staged his own healthcare town halls. His aides handed out lab coats to make their doctor donors look authentic, and Obama even told soldiers as he posed for pictures with them that they made “pretty good photo ops.”

Michelle Obama was also caught staging photo-ops in the White House Garden for the Food Network.

She made a cameo on the channel plugging her healthy eating initiative, and the crew claimed that all the vegetables that they picked from the garden were used later on the show. But like everything else about the Obama’s, the fruits and vegetables were fake.

Michelle Obama never shied away from any opportunity to get a little publicity, and CNN was more than happy to report on her as if she was the most genuine woman alive.

The truth is, all politicians do photo-ops. It goes with the job. But what critics like Navarro fail to see is that Melania would be at the border even if the press wasn’t.

Could we say the same about Michelle? Highly unlikely.

Source: IJR

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