Donald’s Daughter-In-Law Receives Suspicious Substance In Mail. 3 Rushed To The Hospital

Being a Trump comes with certain challenges. Long before Donald Trump became President, they were in the public eye. Now that he’s Commander in Chief, the entire family is under constant scrutiny and criticism.

Trump’s children are particularly hounded by the liberal media. As outspoken supporters of their father, they are often on the front lines. The continued abuse and hate shown to Trump and his supporters lands in their laps more often than not. That’s particularly true of Donald Trump Jr.

Trump’s son is a strong supporter of the President and conservative values. He often appears on the news, debating Trump’s critics. But it looks like his highly-visible status brought some unwanted attention.

From NBC:

A letter containing an unidentified substance addressed to Donald Trump Jr. was sent to a Manhattan apartment building unit that belongs to Trump Jr.’s wife, Vanessa, the president’s daughter-in-law, multiple senior law enforcement officials and city officials tell News 4 and NBC News.

The letter was opened Monday morning and contained some sort of substance, though the specific nature of that substance wasn’t immediately clear. Three people were taken to a hospital as a precaution for observation after the FDNY responded shortly after 10 a.m.

There’s no indication they suffered any injuries and their identities were not immediately released, fire officials said. Investigators do not believe the substance is hazardous but are conducting a thorough probe out of an abundance of caution, the officials said. Details on the letter or its contents were not released.

Nothing indicates that Trump Jr. or his family was harmed. So far, there is no word what the white substance was. But considering history, it could be anything.

In the aftermath of 9/11 it was reported that anthrax was being sent through the mail. Since then, copycats and other con artists have sent white substances in the mail, in an effort to scare, harm, or intimidate people.

This kind of situation isn’t taken lightly by our law enforcement. Which is why three people were sent to the hospital. My question is, why wasn’t this substance caught by the Post Office? They are supposed to have technology that can detect odd or dangerous substances in letters and packages. How did this get through?

Perhaps someone working for the USPS was grossly negligent. Or maybe an anti-Trumper was on staff that day and didn’t bother to check. Regardless of the case, this warrants investigation.

Source: NBC New York

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