After De Niro Rips Trump, His Liberal Supporters Stab Him In The Back

Lately, liberals have shown that they have so much hate that they want the nation to fail.

Bill Maher recently said on his show that he is hoping for an economic recession, “because one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy.”

While the line received cheers on his show, Maher’s lefty brethren lashed out on him on Twitter, saying that a recession wouldn’t affect him as a millionaire.

Washed up actor Robert De Niro is receiving similar criticism after his temper tantrum at the Tony Awards. After the cranky geriatric yelled “F— Trump” while on stage, he received a standing ovation from the liberal audience.

But the standing ovation ended after the award ceremony was over.

De Niro’s tirade has some of America’s most prominent liberals taking a break from attacking Trump in order to go after one of their own.

From Washington Free Beacon:

“On ‘Morning Joe,’ host Joe Scarborough called De Niro’s statement a ‘lowlight’ of the evening.

If people that applauded De Niro’s statement last night don’t understand that they are helping Donald Trump’s re-election every time they do something like that, they don’t understand,’ Scarborough said.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed such rhetoric will ‘get him re-elected.’

Fellow MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle wondered if tactics like De Niro hurt his own cause, likening it to TBS host Samantha Bee’s slam on Ivanka Trump as a ‘feckless c—t’ last month and Bill Maher’s hopes for a recession to hurt the White House.”

Twitter also ignited with criticism for the actor.

MSNBC commentator Steve Schmidt, who often delights in calling Trump a “stone cold racist,” claimed that De Niro’s comments, “strengthened Trump’s hand by mirroring his debasement of our culture.”

Schmidt also bemoaned the fact that, “the greatest actor of his generation” chose not to say something important or defend “liberal democracy”.

TV Producer Mark McKinnon said his fellow Hollywood liberals are playing “right into Trump’s playbook” and are guaranteeing Trump’s victory in 2020.

While these particular liberals appear to finally be getting it, the majority of left America are applauding De Niro.

Mark Hamill, a fellow washed up actor, tweeted his approval of De Niro’s stunt.

Other leftists called this moment a “rallying cry” for the Never Trump movement, and said that the time to “go high” is over.

These are the individuals who will get Trump into the White House in 2020, because believe it or not, kicking and screaming like a child is not the best way to “rally” people to your side.

Every day, liberals prove they’re nothing but immature, hateful thugs who have zero interest in democracy. If they don’t get their way, they will viciously attack.

That has been the dirty leftist secret for decades, by the way.

Source: Washington Free Beacon

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