Democrats Blame Trump For Children In Cages—His Response Has Them Deleting Tweets

Is there anything the Left won’t say to criticize the President? The answer, obviously, is no. But this one’s coming back to bite them.

We’ve seen mainstream news outlets go out of their way to discredit the president. They’ve even gone as far as edit video to make him seem rude or cruel.

On numerous occasions, they’ve misquoted him, taken statements out of context, or blatantly lied.

All of these things have come back to bite them in the butt. In this day and age, it’s becoming increasingly harder for liberals to lie through the media. But a recent attack really takes the cake. A legion of leftists took to Twitter to slam President Trump. They claimed he was keeping immigrant children in cages. With pictures to prove it!

However—and this is the best part—the pictures were from 2014! That’s right, OBAMA was keeping immigrants in cages.

From Fox News:

President Trump on Tuesday slammed Democrats who shared pictures of child migrants sleeping in cages to knock his immigration policies, only to backtrack after realizing the photos were taken during the Obama administration.

One photo of children in a cell was shared numerous times over the weekend amid outrage over Trump administration policies of separating illegal immigrant parents from their children at the southern border.

However, that photo and other related images were published by The Arizona Republic in 2014, deep into Obama’s second term. Favreau later deleted the tweet, as did others who had used the pictures to blast the Trump administration.

Um, remember when the left flipped out over Trump’s “animal” comment? Pretty ironic now, don’t you think? They lost their minds when the President called vile gang members animals. Yet the left never said a word when Obama was literally treating children like animals.

These pictures were posted four years ago. It was Obama’s administration that was putting immigrant children into dog kennel-like cages. His policies treated illegals like animals. Yet the left never complained back then.

It’s almost as if, they don’t really care about illegals at all, do they?

It’s pretty shocking that Jon Favreau tweeted out these pictures. He worked for the Obama administration. You mean to tell me, Jon, that you weren’t aware of this back then? Only now you are worried about the well-being of illegal alien children? Where was all this concern when you were writing speeches for your golden boy?

Seems like the left never cares about people. They only care about destroying their rivals, by any means necessary. Even if that means distorting the facts to a ridiculous degree.

They deleted their tweets, hoping to protect Obama’s tattered legacy. Too late, folks. You helped destroy whatever was left of O-bummer’s reputation. Good job.

Source: Fox News

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