Donald Deports Criminals In Sanctuary State, Until Trump’s Nemesis Stops Him

Every time America takes a step forward, liberals try to take two steps back.

The Trump administration has made illegal immigration a priority. Millions of people are living here illegally. Many of them pose a threat to our national security. Yet for some reason, liberals are trying to protect them.

Criminal aliens have exploited our weak border. Drug cartels like MS-13 bring death and destruction into the United States. Yet under President Trump, our DOJ is finally doing something about it.

Yet there are people opposing him. Lawmakers and leaders are trying to stop the federal government. Apparently, these liberals want to reward criminals, while punishing Americans.

Their latest scheme? Pardoning criminal aliens who are on the list for deportation.

Who has the power to do that? The governor of California, of course.

From LA Times:

The two Cambodian refugees living in Northern California had been convicted of crimes years ago and, under the Trump administration’s more aggressive immigration enforcement policies, those offenses had placed them on a path toward deportation.

But on Saturday, Gov. Jerry Brown announced the pardons of both men — Mony Neth of Modesto and Rottanak Kong of Davis — saying they had paid their debts to society and now lived honest and upright lives.

Immigration is a federal, not state, responsibility, but attorneys for the men hope the pardons will eliminate the rationale for deporting them. Across the country, immigration attorneys are doing the same: seeking gubernatorial pardons in last-ditch attempts to forestall deportations or allow the deported to return to the U.S.

Let’s be clear: Jerry Brown cannot stop the federal government from deporting criminal aliens. Yet he is pardoning these people. Why? To make the federal government look bad.

President Trump wants to deport criminal aliens. Many of these people are convicted of violent crimes. Jerry Brown is protecting these criminals by pardoning them. Not only is he trying to prevent them from being deported, he is giving criminals a clean slate.

Now criminals have a loophole for not only staying in America, but wiping out their criminal record! Two for one, Brown. Nice work.

Once again, we see liberals eroding our very laws to protect illegals. They have proven, time and again, that they’d rather defend criminals over American citizens. This will only lead to more crime, more death, and more illegal immigration.

Only when Brown is kicked out of office will the nightmare end.

Source: LA Times

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