Donald Executes Stealth Food Stamp Maneuver, Taxpayers Save A Whopping $162M

Most patriots hate government handouts.

In fact, many of the people on government handouts hate them. Programs like food stamps barely give people enough to get by and most users would rather be working.

That’s not to mention how these programs are abused by crooks. Stores across the country exploit SNAP (food stamps) by buying them from customers with cash (for less than their worth).

They then turn them in to the government for the full amount; criminals have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars doing this. Only a few are caught.

All this adds up to massive burden to the taxpayer: your hard-earned cash is being taken by the government.

Furthermore, the food stamp program keeps people in poverty and allows con artists to profit, so obviously, a reduction in SNAP would be a Godsend.

Well, here’s some good news: thanks to Trump, taxpayers will save a whopping $162 million.

From Breitbart:

“Food stamp enrollment dropped by more than 1.3 million in just two months, according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The USDA data reveals that the number of participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) plunged from 41,374,348 in December 2017 to 40,032,131 in February 2018—a decrease of 1,342,217.

Food stamp enrollment has dropped by more than half-a-million for the second month in a row in fiscal year (FY) 2018; last month’s data showed that 608,039 discontinued their participation in SNAP…

This decline seems to be continuing under the Trump administration, with more than two million benefit recipients discontinuing participation in SNAP during President Trump’s first year in office.”

On average, a person can get up to $125 a month from SNAP; some get more, some less. But all said, this 1.3 million drop amounts to roughly $162 million saved from the tax payer.

States started fighting back around 2013, by reinstating work requirements for benefits.

However, when Obama entered office, he forced states to give out food stamps to anyone. He used the economic downturn as justification and even as things improved, the work requirements were still gone. People got on food stamps and never left.

Many states restored basic requirements. People had to work or volunteer (or get government training) part-time, to collect benefits. That resulted in a big drop in enrollment.


Because people who went out to find work realized they didn’t need food stamps. Those freeloaders who refused were cut off and that’s a win-win for all citizens.

President Trump continues to push for improvements that will get people off the government teat. Add to that the massive gains in our economy, and fewer people want to use food stamps.

Don’t be surprised to see enrollment continue to drop, as more Americans get back to work. Thank God for that!

Source: Breitbart

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