Donald Slaps Nancy Pelosi With A New Nickname, And It’s Right On The Money

The Democratic National Party is in shambles.

After losing the presidential election in 2016, the “Party of the People” has literally fallen apart. They’re losing funding at an alarming rate, and they also continue to lose crucial voting groups.

But perhaps most glaring of all, they have no legitimate leaders.

The ones who do claim to lead are so corrupt (or crazy) that they’re virtually un-electable. Some are just plain criminals.

And like supposed Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi, just about all of them are also morally bankrupt and completely backwards when it comes to priorities.

Recently, Pelosi defended murderous MS-13 gang members after President Trump labeled them “animals;” after which, Trump called Pelosi an “MS-13” lover.

That nickname stuck for a little while but Trump has come up with a better one, and it’s disturbingly accurate:

It’s spot on.

Democrats are in fact the leaders of high taxes and high crime; their goal is to send an entire country into a tailspin. They want regression, not progression.

The only answer leftists have for every problem is to throw more money at it … your money. The “everyone needs to pay for everyone” concept has never worked, and will never work.

But they don’t care. It’s much easier to push a rhetoric that allows their constituents to be lazy, immature, and unproductive.

And the result, of course, is higher and higher taxes with no improvement on any front, and citizens who are increasingly worthless.

And as people do less and less, sloth and lawlessness begin to rise, leading to much higher crime rates.

So, in this way, Trump’s assessment of “High Tax, High Crime Pelosi” is just perfect. This moniker should be given to every Democrat “leader,” in truth.

Can you think of an even better nickname for Pelosi or the Democrats, though…?

Source: The Daily Caller

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