Political Expert Warns Dems: If You Impeach Trump, There Will Be One Dark Consequence

You’d have to be really stupid to want to impeach Trump. Or be a Democrat … I guess that’s one and the same.

The entire idea of impeaching President Trump has been ridiculous from the start. Yet liberals, even ones in the House, keep pushing it.

They don’t seem to understand how difficult and unrealistic that goal is; most likely, they keep pushing it as a means of exploiting votes from supporters.

After all of the amazing things Trump has already accomplished, only a monster would want to remove him from office. What does that tell you about people like Maxine Waters?

But a one-time ally and political pundit weighed in on the continued calls for impeachment. What he predicts isn’t pretty.

From Western Journal:

“With the impeachment threat looming, [Roger] Stone reiterates what he first told TMZ back in August of 2017: A Trump impeachment would lead to a Civil War.

‘Try to impeach him, just try it,” he told TMZ in a video interview while at LAX.

‘This is not 1974, the people will not stand for impeachment. A politician that votes for it would be endangering their own life.’

‘There will be violence on both sides. I’ll make this clear: I’m not advocating violence, but I’m predicting it.'”

Stone might have a tendency towards the dramatic, but his warning shouldn’t go unheard. His insight has often been proven to be accurate, on one level or another.

But would civil war really break out if Trump is impeached? Think about it: over the last two years violence has broken out over political issues (mostly from the left).

Antifa and Black Lives Matter often crash conservative events. They protest speakers at college campuses. More often than not, they resort to violence to intimidate real patriots.

And we can never forget the gunman who was inspired by the left to open fire on Republican congressmen.

Our media frequently pushes violent imagery of Trump and his supporters. They call us “Nazis” as a means of justifying their hate and aggression.

Should President Trump be removed from office, it could very well empower these leftists to go for broke: wipe out all his supporters in one fell swoop.

It’s all academic at this point, however. Major Democrats have shied away from the impeachment talk because they know it will hurt them come election time. And even if they remove Trump, they have to contend with Mike Pence.

But it’s a sober warning for all of us, nonetheless.

Source: Western Journal

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