Grieving Father Shares Touching Story About Trump’s Reaction When He Lost His Son

President Trump cares about helping all Americans. Despite what the media says, he’s working around the clock to save lives.

The President is taking action against a very real crisis, one that hurts millions of Americans. At a recent event focusing on this issue, he welcomed a father to the stage.

This man related a story that highlighted the humanity and compassion of our President. Be sure to watch this video, because the media won’t show it to you.

From Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump held a summit on the opioid crisis at the White House Thursday.

The attendees at the event included parents who have lost family members and children in the epidemic, high-ranking administration officials and health professionals.

In one particularly emotional moment, Trump asked a father who lost his son to drugs  to stand up and say a few words. The man is a developer from New York City named Steve and he had known Trump for years. In 2011, when his son died, he described how Trump was personally supportive of him.

The opioid crisis affects millions of Americans. Unassuming patients get hooked on powerful drugs. Often it is the result of needed medical procedures. The result is that many become addicted, losing their lives.

It is an entirely preventable crisis, only as long as our leaders take action. Much can be done to prevent companies and doctors from pushing these drugs. And people hurting can find help and relief from addiction.

This father’s story emphasizes how much Donald Trump cares about families. His is pushing this initiative, so that other fathers don’t have to say goodbye to their children.

But how many media outlets will report on this moment? How many will showcase Trump’s kindness and concern for Americans? I am doubting very many.

Be sure to spread the word. Everyone should see this clip.

Source: Daily Caller

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