Donald Reveals Food Stamp Changes, 4 Million On Welfare Affected

Government entitlements give people to fish but never teach them to fish. Instead, they often cheat the system and buy junk food, drugs and alcohol instead.

Americans dependent on welfare and other benefits are forced under the poverty line. They are not empowered to succeed but encouraged to suckle from the government’s teat.

Government handouts are also a massive burden to the taxpayer. Imagine what we could do—if we didn’t pay billions for things like SNAP, Medicaid, and Obamacare? We could get our military into shape, balance the budget, and build the wall.

But at least there’s some good news on that front. The USDA, on behalf of the President, just released a startling memo.

From Breitbart:

Four million people dropped off the food stamp rolls in one month, according to the latest numbers on food stamp enrollment from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The latest USDA data show that the number of participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the government program that administers food stamps, dropped from 45,666,795 in October 2017 to 41,658,868 in November 2017 — a staggering decrease of 4,007,927 over one month…

The Trump administration announced that it would adopt some of these state welfare reform measures — such as requiring food stamp recipients to work a certain number of hours per week — and implement them at the federal level, causing nationwide food stamp enrollment to plunge even further.

This comes after the government shelled out a fortune on food stamps in the wake of hurricanes hitting the South. Usually, after a disaster, many more people get on government support. And… they never get off. The fact that we are seeing such a decline–after three major hurricanes and wildfires—shows that conservative policies are working.

Numerous states are instituting work requirements for able-bodied recipients. That means if you can work, you better be, or you lose your food stamps. Often people find good-paying jobs and no longer want the government handout. People who refuse to find work? They get the boot.

States like Florida are being responsible by curtailing benefits. Those hit by the hurricanes have recovered, so they don’t need to keep receiving payouts. That means fewer people draining the government and more people at work.

Perhaps states like California could learn from that. But I doubt they will.

One day, we might live in a country free from burdensome government handouts. News like this is a step in that direction.

Source: Breitbart

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