George Soros Has A Gift For Undocumented Aliens, And It’ll Be On Every Phone In America

Liberals often display what’s known as “selective billionaire outrage” when it comes to our nation’s most wealthy political donors.

For example, Charles and David Koch are often angrily denounced by the left for using their money to influence conservative causes like tax reform.

But liberals are more than happy to take the money of wealthy individuals who donate to Democratic causes like illegal immigration.

Case in point: liberal billionaires such as Bill Gates and George Soros. These men are free to fund as many globalist policies as they wish, while the media looks the other way.

Soros, in particular, has had the most direct influence on funding non-governmental organizations that work to erode the Constitution.

His latest effort is no different, but it’s by far his most outrageous attack on our country’s laws yet.

From Western Journal:

Billionaire and leftist political activist George Soros is funding a smartphone app for the explicit purpose of helping illegal immigrants avoid arrest by federal immigration authorities, Fox Business reported.

The Washington, D.C., based group called United We Dream is reportedly behind the app — Notifica (Notify).

According to the group’s website, United We Dream is the ‘largest immigrant youth-led network in the country. With over 400,000 members, we fight for justice and dignity for all immigrants.'”

Open Society Foundations, one of Soros’ many shadow organizations, is the chief financial backer for the app.

If you’re an illegal immigrant and encounter ICE, the Notifica app will alert your friends, family, and attorney with the click of a button. It will soon be available on Google and Apple apps stores.

Some are arguing that this product is illegal because it directly aids and abets criminals actively breaking the law.

But the affluent Soros has proven that he will stop at nothing to aid illegal immigration, even if he no longer wields control over our government.

Back when his puppet Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, he was able to dictate State Department policy with ease, thanks to the millions he’d given Clinton in exchange for influence.

He used that influence in 2013 to instigate the refugee crisis. At that time, Soros urged the U.N. to pressure European countries into opening their borders, so that the largely Muslim hordes of immigrants could be allowed in.

Soros wants America to open its borders in a similar fashion, because countries without identities are easier to control. But since he can’t bring about his open border fantasy legislatively, he’s resorting to using this app.

The necessity for the border wall grows by the day, as does the need to lock Soros, Clinton, Kerry, and ever other meddling Democrat away from society where they can no longer do any damage.

Source: Western Journal

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