Homeland Security Boss Announces Border Ultimatum That Sends ‘Undocumenteds’ Fleeing

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen isn’t backing down.

In the face of constant attacks by the left, the DHS boss echoes President Trump’s strong stance on illegal immigration, and doesn’t care who she “offends.”

During a speech at a law enforcement conference on Monday, Nielsen was quick to fire back at the border control critics.


In brief, the agency will never apologize for doing what they’re supposed to do.

We have to do our job,” stated Nielsen. “We will not apologize for doing our job.

We have sworn to do this job. This administration has a simple message.

In response to those who claim DHS is keeping “kids in cages,” Nielsen clarified that situation with the truth … something liberals have no interest in. But here it is:

It is important to note that these minors are very well taken care of. Don’t believe the press.

They are very well taken care of. You know this, as many of you have detention facilities of your own.

We operate according to some of the highest standards in the country. We provide food, medical, education and all needs that the child requests.”

All of this is true, so don’t listen to the endless liberal propaganda the mainstream media shoves down our throats.

And finally, Nielsen punctuated her speech with several powerful statements that really resonated with patriotic American citizens:

If you cross the border illegally, we will prosecute you. If you make a false immigration claim, we will prosecute you.

If you smuggle illegal aliens across an extraordinarily dangerous journey, we will prosecute you.

Thank you for saying it!

Source: The Daily Caller

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