Hours After Trump Nukes Iran Deal, His Top Ally Strikes Them Even Harder

Trump keeps on keeping promises, and the American people keep on winning.

The president’s America First agenda has been on full display throughout his administration, and he’s not even close to being done.

One of Trump’s bolder campaign promises was his vow to renegotiate the Iran Deal, which he thought was one of the “worst ever” because America gained nothing while Iran gained everything.

Trump thought Obama and Kerry’s coddling of Iran, one of our biggest enemies, was completely absurd, and he pledged that if he won the 2016 election that he would negotiate “a totally different deal.”

It took him a year and a half, but Trump has once again proven to be a man of his word and recently announced that the U.S. would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. His presidential memorandum calls for reinstating U.S. nuclear sanctions on the Iranian regime, imposing strict economic sanctions, and vowing that any nation that assists Iran will also be sanctioned by the US.

This news was mocked by our enemies but celebrated by our allies. One ally, in particular, was very pleased by the news and decided to take the opportunity to send a strong message to the world.

From The Right Scoop:

It appears that shortly after Trump’s announcement of the US withdrawing from the Iran deal, Israel sent a few missiles into Damascus, Syria.

Here are the reports:

Syria has allowed Iran to have a military base set up a mere 250 miles from Israel’s border because both countries share hostility towards Israel.

The Iranian army base in question had several missiles aimed at Israel, which were allegedly destroyed in the attack. Many called the strike unprovoked, ignoring the many times Iran has threatened to attack Israel with nuclear weapons.

It isn’t just Iran threatening Israel either. Since 2012, Israel has struck inside Syria roughly 100 times. Their primary targets were convoys that were transporting weapons to the militant group Hezbollah, another enemy of Israel based in Lebanon.

Hezbollah receives funding and weaponry from Iran and Syria, who in turn have the support of Putin in Russia.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be meeting with Putin soon to discuss these developments, and will likely be demanding that Putin back down from continuing to prop up Israel’s enemies.

But for Trump, Netanyahu has nothing but praise. Just minutes after Trump’s withdrawal was announced, Netanyahu stated, “Israel fully supports President Trump’s bold decision today to reject the disastrous nuclear deal with the terrorist regime in Tehran.”

While liberals continue to criticize Trump for backing out of this deal, those who oppose terrorism can rejoice that the U.S. is no longer involved in an agreement with an America-hating country like Iran.

Source: The Right Scoop

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