Congress Admits To Million-Dollar Scandal They’ve Been Keeping From Taxpayers

We expect our elected officials to live up to a high standard. They represent us, after all. Shouldn’t they behave in an honest, respectable way?

But we are discovering something much different. The House of Representatives has been keeping a dirty secret from America. Their own members are up to no good. Many of them are breaking all kinds of rules.

It has led to a huge fallout. The House has been forced to pay out $1 million dollars. All to keep staff silent.

From Daily Caller:

A House of Representatives fund paid $1 million to secretly settle complaints by staffers. Here are the largest…

$220,000: Alcee Hastings (D-FL), alleged sexual harassment, 2014

The staffer alleged that he repeatedly invited her up to his hotel room when they were traveling, asked what type of underwear she was wearing, and made other inappropriate gestures. Hastings denied the charges and said he did not even know that Congress settled on his behalf. The size of the settlement seemingly suggests that authorities may have viewed the evidence as particularly damning or were highly motivated to make it go away…

$84,000: Blake Farenthold (R-TX), alleged sexual harassment, 2014

A staffer alleged that [Blake] Farenthold would talk about his “sexual fantasies” and “wet dreams” about his spokeswoman. Farenthold denied some of the allegations, but acknowledged that he “allowed a workplace culture to take root in my office that was too permissive and decidedly unprofessional.”

Both liberals and conservatives make the list. More proof that Washington D.C. is a swamp. Our government is full of corrupt con artists, regardless of party. They have betrayed the American public.

It’s shocking when you think about it. These officials had to pay out $1 million dollars. Why? Because they have been harassing staff. It’s insane. Private companies have training and HR departments, just to prevent misunderstandings.

But our government has zero accountability. Leaders habitually abuse staffers. To the point where they have to pay big bucks.

When is it going to end? Why can’t our elected officials treat their staff properly? Do they think money is enough to fix the problem? Just pay out and it will all go away. That only lets them continue to behave this way in the future.

Just like Harvey Weinstein and his buddies in Hollywood.

But at least, this time, the American people can do something about it. We can vote these scum bags out of office. Considering these payouts, we have no choice.

Source: Daily Caller

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