Donald Puts The Fear Of God Into Illegals With 6,600 Critical Hires

President Trump made ending illegal immigration a major priority. While plans for the wall are still underway, other steps are being taken to crack down on illegals.

Months ago, he signed an executive order to beef up ICE’s ranks. More agents mean more resources to protect our border and seal up illegal entry. That also means more resources and personnel to conduct stings around the country.

Looks like the initial executive is being augmented with additional hirings. It’s taking the total number of agents to a historic height.

From San Diego Union Tribune:

This week ICE issued a notice that it plans to seek bids for a three-year contract to help the agency hire 6,597 “support personnel positions.” These jobs are in addition to the 10,000 that Trump ordered — effectively boosting the total new hires to the agency to more than 16,000 in the coming years…

The decision by ICE to reach out to the private sector to help with hiring goals mandated by the Trump administration echoes a similar move that Customs and Border Protection took in November — one that has now drawn scrutiny from the Senate Homeland Security Committee…

Last February, then-Secretary John Kelly of Homeland Security spelled out how the objectives in Trump’s order would be met. The memo said ICE would not only expeditiously hire the 10,000 agents, but also “additional operational and mission support and legal staff necessary to hire and support their activities.”

Make no mistake: those numbers will get filled. President Trump has worked to shrink the size of government in other agencies. That was deliberate so that there would be more resources and openings for ICE.

This larger body of agents will become a veritable task force. With skilled leadership and an enthusiastic team, there is nothing they won’t be able to accomplish.

This comes just as more liberals declare their cities and states sanctuaries for criminal aliens. Places like New York, Chicago, and California are protecting illegal aliens. Meanwhile, American citizens are in danger. Jeff Sessions’ DOJ is going after these sanctuaries to end this practice. But while that’s happening, ICE is beefing up the ranks to do their job, anyway.

More sweeps in so-called sanctuaries will happen in the coming weeks and months. You will learn about more illegals being rounded up, especially in places like CA, Texas, and Chicago. Except to see sanctuary regions—and places close to the border—get thoroughly raided.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune

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