Eastern State Gives ‘Undocumenteds’ Federal Dollars, All Taxpayers Pay The Price

The word “illegal” has lost all meaning when it comes to immigration.

Evidently, if you intend to come to this country without following any due process, that’s perfectly fine. Just show up and we’ll give you stuff.

That’s the message we’ve been sending to the world for far too long and despite President Donald Trump’s best efforts, some liberal states continue to broadcast that dangerous message.

New Jersey is the latest example of a state that doesn’t believe in the word “illegal.” Worse, they’re planning to take your hard-earned taxpayer money and give it to those who break the law every day.

Financial aid should be restricted to U.S. citizens. But of course, not in the world of the backward liberal.

From Breitbart:

The governor of New Jersey signed a law Wednesday allowing illegal aliens to apply for state financial aid programs to help pay for college beginning this fall, and the state has wasted no time in implementing it.

The New Jersey Alternative Financial Aid Application for illegal aliens went live on the state’s financial aid website as of Thursday, allowing non-citizens not legally in the country to apply for the same financial aid benefits as U.S. citizens.

That’s right. The only requirements necessary to procure this money is that the student attended high school is New Jersey for at least three years.

Oh, and they have to “promise to legalize their immigration status,” which is exactly the sort of comedic condition leftists believe in. “Just tell us you’ll fix it and we’ll believe you.”

You’d think liberals couldn’t possibly be this naive, but you’d be wrong.

Obviously, the term “Dreamers” supersedes any laws we have in place. It’s the only explanation because part of the definition of “Dreamer” is that you’re here illegally.

The only good news here is that some people, like Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Parsippany), oppose the bill, saying that being “compassionate” shouldn’t translate to economic insanity:

We are a compassionate state and want to see every student succeed and reach his or her full potential,” Webber said in a statement.

But we and our taxpayers have limited resources, and enormous educational benefits already are provided to non-citizens.

Compassion does not compel us to provide limitless public benefits to anyone who finds himself within our borders.

Exactly correct. Unfortunately, such statements will always fall on deaf ears in a liberal-dominated state such as New Jersey. And by the way, New Jersey isn’t the first state to do this.

In fact, it’s the tenth state to offer financial aid to illegal aliens: Oregon, Connecticut, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Washington, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Minnesota do it as well.

Apparently, all leftists need to visit Dictionary.com and look up the word “illegal” because they’re really not understanding its meaning. But you know exactly what it means, don’t you, fellow taxpayer?

Source: Breitbart

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