If Trump Dumps Nuclear Deal Tomorrow, Iran Threatens ‘Historic’ Response

President Trump wasn’t mincing words when he said he was going to rip up the Iran Nuclear Deal.

The terrible Obama-era deal gave Iran access to nuclear technology, and every expert said they would use it to quickly obtain nuclear weapons.

We may never understand why Obama, and his SoS John Kerry, agreed to this ridiculous deal. But the fact remains, we had to live with it for three years.

During that time, Iran used billions (received from Obama) to expand their nuclear capabilities. Are weapons on the way? We don’t even know, because Iran has been less than forthcoming with inspectors.

Now President Trump is very close to ending the deal; much like he promised time and again, Iran is looking at a non-nuclear future.

May 12 is the imminent deadline for the deal. Trump has not signaled he’s backing down, and we can safely say most people in America are happy about this. Right?

But Iran’s leaders aren’t happy at all and over the weekend, their biggest ruler issued a dire warning to the United States.

From Breitbart:

Iran’s president is warning President Donald Trump that pulling America out of the nuclear deal with world powers would be a ‘historic regret.’

President Hassan Rouhani made the comments Sunday in the city of Sabzevar while on a tour of Iran’s Razavi Khorasan province.

Rouhani said: ‘If (the U.S.) opts to pull out of the nuclear deal, it will soon realize that this decision will become a historic regret for them.’

Rouhani also assured Iranians that ‘no change will occur in our lives next week’ regardless of Trump’s decision.

Trump faces a self-imposed May 12 deadline over the 2015 nuclear deal, which he long has criticized.”

These are the leaders who continue to promise to destroy Israel and all her allies; a country that oppresses its people, denying them basic rights like freedom of speech.

Why should we be worrying about what their corrupt leaders will do? Well, because Iran is no friend to the U.S., that’s why.

However, President Rouhani is actually playing right into Trump’s hands:

When you threaten a country with “historic regret,” that doesn’t bode well for you. Iran has everything to lose, by attacking the United States—even with words and apparently, Rouhani just doesn’t realize his mistake.

I think he should be more concerned with his people’s continued resentment over the government. Trying to appease a people who can overthrow him should be his biggest priority.

Otherwise, he – and his country – might be the ones suffering a “historic regret.”

Source: Breitbart

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