Laura Ingraham Fans Deliver Swift Justice To List Of Companies Boycotting Her Show

We all know Laura Ingraham did nothing wrong.

But even though we live in the “land of the free,” your life and career can still be ruined if you step over the line.

That line, of course, is dictated by liberals, and as a result, free speech no longer exists.

Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham has learned this first-hand after her interview with Parkland shooting “survivor,” David Hogg.

On “The Ingraham Angle,” the respected host said a few words that incited a firestorm of controversy across the country, and that’s all it took.

Despite her apology to Hogg, major companies started pulling advertising from Ingraham’s show; CEOs everywhere are just desperate to prove to liberals just how “progressive” they are.

The vicious bullying that has become the calling card of the left has really hammered Fox and Ingraham, which is terribly unfair.

But thankfully, conservative America has risen up to defend Ingraham:

They’re rallying together and asking everyone to boycott the companies that have sought to ruin the Fox host for absolutely no reason.

In various Facebook videos and Twitter posts, conservatives are demanding a counter-boycott and you know, it’s starting to work.

In another blow to the bullying liberal regime, Fox co-president Jack Abernathy issued the following statement:

We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts.

That’s perhaps the single best statement we’ve heard any executive make all year so far.

We’re all suffering from the leftist agenda that seeks to control every aspect of our lives and tramples on the Constitution every chance it gets.

The only way out is to fight back so please, join the cause and hit these kowtowing companies where it hurts!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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