John McCain Sells Out, Cuts Disastrous Deal With Democrats

For a long time, Americans have been shocked by John McCain. This so-called conservative has done everything in his power to oppose his fellow Republicans and, of course, President Trump. He is the pure definition of “Republican In Name Only (RINO).”

As an example, we were all stunned when McCain, after being diagnosed with cancer, flew back to D.C. to vote against the Obamacare repeal. I guess he didn’t want Americans enjoying the same quality health care he is currently receiving. This after he promised to vote for a repeal for years, most notably during his failed 2008 presidential run.

Now, he’s stabbing his own supporters in the back.  And he’s only making matters worse by selling his soul for a devastating deal with Democrats.

From Conservative Tribune:

The Arizona senator is back in the donkey’s saddle again, this time on immigration. According to The Washington Post, along with Delaware Democrat Sen. Chris Coons, he’s proposing a “bipartisan” immigration plan that would effectively block the wall along our southern border, and give in to the Democrats completely when it comes to former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program for illegal immigrants.

The bill, introduced Monday, “would grant permanent legal status to undocumented immigrants known as ‘dreamers’ and start bolstering security along the U.S.-Mexico border,” according to The Post’s report.

“But the measure would not immediately authorize spending the $25 billion President Trump is seeking to fortify the border with new wall and fence construction. Some Republicans are seeking at least $30 billion…”

“The bill says nothing about curbing family-based legal migration or making changes to the diversity lottery program — two other priorities for Trump and conservative Republicans,” The Post adds.

This garbage bill is everything the president does not want. It grants instant citizenship, not a merit-based path. The bill will give amnesty to many illegals, much more than what the White House is promising. And of course, there is zero funding for the wall.

Clearly, this bill is the RINO’s pathetic attempt to undermine Trump. He knows it will never go through Congress. It is his way of flipping off Trump, Republicans, and Americans.

Arizona suffers tremendously, thanks to illegal immigration. Sen. McCain knows this, as he represents them. He of all people should support strong immigration enforcement. Instead, he is rolling over to give the Democrats what they want.

All because he’s mad that he could never become president and Trump did.

A sad fall from grace from a once true conservative.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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