After Melania Goes Under The Knife, Liberals Launch Strike On The First Family

The left has shown—time and again—that they are the real bigots in our society.

Liberals constantly accuse conservatives of being racist, sexist, or homophobic, but time and again we see their true colors. If a black person, woman, or homosexual supports the President, Democrats try to destroy them.

So much for equality.

This has been particularly true regarding the First Lady. Melania Trump is a mother, successful businesswoman, and former model.

She is also an immigrant who came to this country legally and became a citizen. The left has little reason to attack this woman. After all, it would go against their “support” for women and immigrants.

And yet, from the very beginning of Trump’s candidacy, the left has attacked Melania. They’ve made fun of her accent, her race, and her values; as First Lady, they continue to criticize her and slander her goals.

Even when she went into surgery, these scumbags had nothing but terrible things to say; they went after Melania and her husband in typical adolescent insulting fashion.

From The Daily Caller:


One “brilliant” user used it as an opportunity to push for socialized medicine. Sure, because if Melania was in a country with socialized healthcare, she’d still be waiting to schedule her procedure.

This is the left in 2018: they claim to be feminists, right? That means supporting women and their issues?

Yet when a conservative woman, the First Lady of the United States, goes in for surgery, they can’t stop themselves from throwing sexist insults at her.

Imagine for a moment if it was Hillary Clinton going under the knife. These same cretins would be oozing with well-wishes, platitudes, and encouraging remarks.

But because it’s Melania Trump, they reveal their true nature; these enlightened “feminists” hate women. They especially hate women who think for themselves and stand up for American values.

If you are a woman in America, you’d better be liberal. Otherwise, the left-wing gang will treat you worse than dirt.

And the First Lady deserves much, much better.

Source: The Daily Caller

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