Melania Trump Makes A Big-Hearted Pledge That Will Impact Patriotic Americans

Melania Trump has largely been embraced by the American public for her graceful demeanor and warmth, especially towards children.

Perhaps it is because she is a mother herself, but her motherly instincts are always on full display whenever she meets with children here or abroad.

In both France and Italy, Melania spent time with children in hospitals, taking photos with them and speaking with them in their native tongue, since she is a master of 5 languages.

She also frequently hosts schoolchildren at the White House, too, and recently held a “listening session” to hear students out on what issues they’re facing in their day-to-day lives.

When one young boy knocked over her water glass at this meeting, she kindly smiled and told him, “Don’t worry, it’s just water.”

Her empathy for America’s youth is a much needed balm given the current state of affairs in this country. A recent study showed that young Americans are shockingly more likely to feel loneliness than senior citizens.

In response to this rising crisis, Melania has taken it upon herself to help those still feeling the effects of Obama’s polarizing America.

From NPR:

[Melania] will take a traditional step when she outlines a slate of policy initiatives next week focused on the well-being of children.

The first lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, told NPR the upcoming announcement will focus on several challenges facing American children, among them social media, health, and addiction in communities.

‘There are so many issues that children face today,’ Grisham said, adding that the first lady’s initiatives will focus on ‘equipping children to handle those issues.'”

Of course, Melania Trump is not without her critics. Many are saying she should focus her efforts on stopping her husband’s “cyber bullying” on Twitter,

“Hmm if only she had a high profile target she could go after to make us believe her…” one Twitter user commented, while another sneered, “Her husband is the biggest bully of all, try going after him first!”

These people are seemingly unaware of the fact that adults and children should not be judged by the same standards.

But Melania has not allowed her detractors try to stop her from her mission of trying to improve the lives of children, and her own Twitter statement was the epitome of class:

Do you support the First Lady’s efforts to help America’s children?

And would you say Melania Trump’s actions are perfectly in keeping with the office of the First Lady?

Let us know in the comments below!

Source: NPR

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