Midwest State Will Order Citizens To Surrender Their Guns To The Government In 90 Days

The shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 people dead, many of them high schoolers, has caused a great deal of unrest in the country. Conservatives, by and large, have been focusing on the why of it all, whereas Liberals, predictably, are focusing on the what. 

Liberals are incapable of blaming anything but the gun when mass shooting tragedies occur, and in the wake of them constantly try to rush through legislation which will slowly but surely erode the second amendment.

Recent measures that have been gaining traction nationwide are attempts to ban people under 21 from purchasing firearms, with Dick’s Sporting Goods and Fred Meyer stores joining the emotional push for limiting access to guns for law-abiding citizens.

In one Midwestern state, however, the attempts to stop gun violence are going beyond bans. We are now moving into what second amendment lovers have feared most: gun confiscation.

From Breitbart:

A bill requiring 18-20 year olds to hand over or transfer ownership of heretofore legally possessed “assault weapons” is gaining sponsors in the Illinois Senate after passing the House last month.

The bill, HB 1465, was sponsored in the House by Rep. Michelle Mussman (D-Schaumburg) and passed by a vote of 64-51 on February 28.

The guns and magazines remain legal for persons 21 and up, but persons under 21 would have 90 days to give up ownership, should HB 1465 become law.

If this bill becomes law, young adults in Illinois will have 90 days to turn in their firearms AND ammunition, or risk becoming criminals. Will this sheer force against young adults (who have committed no crime) make America safer?

Chicago’s inner cities are where the majority of shooting deaths occur in Illinois, but what are the chances that gang members under 21 will hand over their illegally purchased weapons willingly? Additionally, what are the chances of cops in the state going into the inner cities to enforce this new law? In both scenarios, it’s not good.

Parkland was primarily allowed to occur because law enforcement and the FBI failed. There were multiple red flags that the shooter was unstable, but nothing was followed up on. Despite these facts, it’s still somehow all the gun’s fault.

Taking guns away is not only a horrible idea, it’s not going to get the results that Liberals want. Gun violence will still occur because criminals don’t follow the law. It’s like saying if we take cars away from sober drivers we will prevent drunk driving deaths.

There are ways to stop a future Parkland from happening, but these ways don’t involve taking away the rights of others.

Source: Breitbart

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