What 1 In 4 Millennials Are Still Relying On Is A Disgrace To America

Millennials, put down the selfie sticks and pick up a guidebook, because your generation is sucking at being self-sufficient.

Despite being the best-educated group of young adults in US history, millennials are sorely lacking some basic life skills.

There are even so-called “Adulting Schools” online that aim to teach this wayward generation essentials like how to balance a checkbook, change a car tire, or fold a fitted sheet.

When it comes to meeting life’s requirements, millennials are finding themselves incapable of rising to the occasion, and a recent survey illustrates just how widespread this problem has become.

From The Washington Examiner:

A new survey of millennials working full-time jobs (greater than or equal to 35 hours a week) found that a significant percentage of them still rely on mom and dad to help pay some of their bills.

According to a recent analysis by Instamotor.com, 24 percent of individuals aged 18 to 30 with full-time jobs still receive financial assistance from their parents when it comes to paying the bills.

The most common expense that millennials are getting help with from their parents is their smartphone bill. This makes sense, considering how social media obsessed millennials are. Without a smartphone, how will they be able to take that snapshot of their avocado toast for Instagram?
Of course, this economic conundrum isn’t all millennial’s doing. The cost of living has risen substantially since the days of the baby boomers, along with inflation. Still, there seems to be a profound lack of foresight with this generation, who are just now learning that their Women’s Studies degrees aren’t lucrative.
If millennials are to even have a shot at making it on their own, it’s time for parents to push their 30-year-old children out of the nest. Whether they fly or fall, a lesson will be learned. And isn’t that what life is all about?

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