Report: Mueller’s Special Counsel Is Set To Drop All Charges After Plea Deal

We’ve known for a long time that Mueller’s “Russian probe” has been a waste. There has been zero evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia. Yet we still have to sit by as this special council makes a travesty of law and justice.

The only results from this case have been indictments unrelated to the 2016 election. People have been charged with crimes dating back years—unconnected to President Trump. Anything of worth coming out has only exonerated the President.

Now we are learning at least one person is off the hook, as Mueller is dropping charges against them.

From Washington Examiner:

Special counsel Robert Mueller has moved to dismiss recently-unveiled charges against Rick Gates, who pleaded guilty last week in federal court in Washington.

Mueller’s office announced last Thursday that a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia had returned a new, 32-count indictment against Gates, and his longterm business partner Paul Manafort.

Shortly after noon Friday, Gates pled guilty to conspiracy against the United States and making a false statement. Gates — the fifth person to plead guilty as part of Mueller’s probe — also signaled his cooperation with the investigation.

Paul Manafort has been charged with crimes dating back years before the election. Long before he had anything to do with Trump or the campaign. Many have pointed out that Mueller does not have the authority to pursue those crimes. So why does he do it?

Why are we learning about things unconnected with “Russian collusion”? Why are Americans forced to fund this bogus investigation, while real criminals from the last administration walk free?

Every day it seems we learn more about Obama, Clinton, and hacks in the FBI and DOJ. Clearly, Obama’s White House violated justice time and again. Yet where are the indictments? Where are the charges?

Until Mueller packs it up and leaves—and until Clinton and her gang are charged—real justice will not be done in the U.S.

Source: Washington Examiner

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