President Trump Locates North Korea’s Top-Secret Stash, Proves Democrats Wrong

For so many years North Korea, nicknamed the “hermit kingdom,” has hidden many secrets from the world.

And Democrats claimed nothing could be done except suck up to the dictator and play nice, and even then they never had any expectation of making progress and exposing North Korea’s secrets.

President Trump just proved that playing hardball with Kim Jong-un is paying off and proving Democrats wrong on all counts.

We inch closer and closer to North Korea completely denuclearizing, a feat no previous U.S. Commander-in-Chief could manage. And as we get closer, we learn more secrets.

For instance, according to a “diplomatic source,” America now knows exactly where North Korea is keeping its stores of uranium, which is a huge step in the right direction.

Furthermore, it would appear Kim Jong Un is about to reveal the location of a second facility and open up both to international inspection.

Via Breitbart:

According to a ‘diplomatic source’ quoted by South Korean media, the United States knows where one of North Korea’s two uranium enrichment facilities is located and expects dictator Kim Jong-un to reveal the existence of both facilities to the world and invite international inspections.

The report in “Korea Joongang Daily” confirms that Kim has decided “to reveal such facilities as one of the big actions he plans to take” during his upcoming June 12 meeting with Trump in Singapore.

The report adds that there might actually be more than two facilities as well, so if North Korea revealed the locations of all uranium facilities, it’d be a gigantic victory.

Another official cited in the report says the exact locations of these uranium facilities are “closely guarded secrets” and hardly confirmed, so Kim would have to volunteer the hidden information.

If all goes well, North Korea will begin to denuclearize and though it’d take a few years to complete, Trump is definitely headed in the right direction.

Remember, prior to Trump’s involvement, North Korea was ramping up uranium enrichment and one of the facilities could produce up to six nuclear bombs in a year.

That’s just plain scary, isn’t it? The entire world is at risk!

So, if our President could pull this off and force Kim Jong Un to reveal all his nuclear secrets and locations, there’s no doubt Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize!

Source: Breitbart

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