Report: Obama Caught Funneling $139M From Taxpayers To His Pet Project

Obama’s been out of office for years, but he found a new way to take mountains of money from American taxpayers.

Former President Obama is still finding ways to make his influence felt.

He’s been attempting to keep a low profile, but his activities in the nation’s capital are not going unnoticed. Obama has been surreptitiously helping radical protest groups fight Trump and his policies, and he is currently working with other Democrats to devise a scheme to flip the GOP majority in the House and permanently turn red seats blue.

Obama frequently meets with prominent Democrats at his massive DC office, which is conveniently located near the White House. He helped his former Attorney General Eric Holder launch the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which is attempting to redraw congressional district maps to give Democrats an edge.

Like his pal Hillary Clinton, Obama can’t stand to see his impact fade into obscurity. In his effort to secure his legacy to satisfy his massive ego, Obama has also commissioned the construction of the Obama Center on Chicago’s Southside.

This shrine to Obama has been sparking controversy since it was first announced, and now federal taxpayers are on the hook for a big number.

From Zero Hedge:

Wirepoints has learned from administrative officials and legislators that at least $139 million — 80% of the public funding for the center — almost certainly will be reimbursed by the federal government. The project was already under attack for a number of other reasons, including a First Amendment “compelled speech” claim that it would force taxpayers to fund private, political advocacy.

The center was initially pitched as a privately funded presidential library. Many Illinois taxpayers therefore were angered to learn that at least $174 million was included in the state’s 1,246-page budget presented in May to rank and file General Assembly members only hours before their vote. Nor will the center be a presidential library.

The center will instead “provide planning, support, engagement and programming”, but fails to mention specifics.

It’s amazing how Obama is still finding ways to make taxpayers subsidize him even though he is no longer president. State officials are certain that taxpayers will be funding at least $139 million of the estimated $174 million project, but those estimates may be lower than what the building will actually wind up costing.

This so-called Obama Center is a disgusting misuse of funds, which is something that Obama knows all about.

Defenders of the center claim it will help the community, but $174 million could be better spent on addressing the horrific gun violence plaguing Chicago’s South Side.

Other local organizations, including the preservationist group “Protect Our Parks”, are opposed to the center, and have filed a lawsuit to prevent a historic part of Jackson Park from being seized in order to build it.

Obama did nothing but divide the nation and ruin our economy. Building an expensive center to celebrate him is the opposite of what he deserves, but Democrats never seem to understand when they should quit.

Source: Zero Hedge

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