Donald Pardons Honorable American—Obama Repeatedly Refused To Release Him From Prison

Donald Trump is making America great again. In more than just the economy.

President Trump made many promises on the campaign trail. Many of those promises have already been fulfilled. But there was one special situation he talked about quite a bit.

Finally, he has been able to make good on this promise, giving a sailor his life back.

From Washington Examiner:

President Trump issued the second pardon of his presidency Friday to former Navy sailor Kristian Saucier, who learned the news while driving a garbage truck, the only job he could find with a felony conviction.

Saucier was sentenced to a year in prison during the 2016 campaign for taking pictures inside a nuclear submarine. Trump invoked his case repeatedly on the campaign trail, saying he was “ruined” for doing “nothing” compared to Hillary Clinton…

The six photos found on a cellphone Saucier discarded were deemed “confidential,” the lowest level of classification, even though some depicted the vessel’s nuclear reactor. Clinton, by contrast, sent and received highly classified information on a private email server. In pleading guilty, Saucier admitted destroying evidence after being questioned…

“We’re struggling,” Saucier said in January, describing frequent calls from credit card debt collectors and an electricity bill payment plan. “No one will hire me because I’m a felon … All the skills I worked so hard for in the military are useless.”

Thanks to his bogus conviction, Saucier has been unable to find work. Many companies will not hire a felon, thanks to laws and other policies. While in prison, his family’s cars were repossessed his home is in foreclosure.

That’s just the kind of America Obama wanted. Hard-working citizens—veterans even—are punished and prosecuted. They are put into hard situations where they can’t even make ends meet. Because of what? A few pictures taken on a submarine?

Meanwhile hardened criminals cross the border. They rape, steal, and kill. Instead of facing proper punishment, liberals protect them—even shield them from the federal government!

It’s a world turned upside down. But thankfully, President Trump is working hard to correct the many crimes of past administrations.

You can say Saucier overpaid for his mistake. A man serving in the Navy shouldn’t be branded a felon over selfies. President Trump’s pardon will hopefully mean he can get a good job and climb out of financial ruin.

In a tweet, Trump celebrated the news, saying Saucier has his life back.

Promises made, promises kept.

Source: Washington Examiner

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