President Trump Signs Ruthless Executive Order, Clamps Down Hard On Welfare Abusers

Do you have any idea how many people in this country are still on some form of assistance?

At one point, it was estimated that about 1/3 of the population was accepting assistance funds from the government.

That’s just entirely unacceptable and proof that our welfare system is broken. Keep this up, and the U.S. will go broke.

But President Donald Trump isn’t about to let that happen, as he continues to clamp down on those who abuse such programs.

Yesterday, Trump sat down and signed an executive order that will impact Medicaid, food stamps, and housing benefits.

Said White House director of the Domestic Policy Council Andrew Bremberg:

Welfare reform is necessary to prosperity and independence.

That’s certainly true, and this order will encourage agencies to strengthen work requirements for people who are perfectly capable of working.

Bremberg said it’s designed to ensure that those who really can’t work will continue to receive assistance, but it’ll eradicate the leeches who live off the government.

Let’s not forget, living off the government means living off YOUR money, fellow citizens.

Despite low unemployment, “our country still struggles from nearly record high welfare enrollments,” Bremberg added. It’s a very sad fact, and one that must change.

In the past, conservatives have continually complained that most government programs are far too lax, allowing people who can work to essentially steal government funds for no reason.

Barack Obama helped welfare skyrocket during his tenure, too, which is why Trump has to make strides to save our country. Thus far, it’s working.

And maybe, just maybe, we can get back to an attitude of productivity and pride, the very same attitude that once built this great nation.

We’ll have to weed out the do-nothings and the shocking bevy of liberals who support the do-nothings, though. Tolerance of sloth has to stop!

That could take some time but hopefully, Trump will work quickly.

Source: Washington Examiner

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