Professor Declares To America: Students ‘Triggered’ By Stating One Obvious Trump Fact

Our country’s universities have reached the point of no return.

For decades they’ve been failing to train students for successful careers, leaving them to work as waiters and baristas while saddling them with colossal student debt.

The worst part? The majority of college professors are not seeking to educate students, but rather indoctrinate them into liberal groupthink.

From kindergarten through university, our schools are run almost exclusively by the burnouts from the 60’s, who turn around and brainwash the next generation.

When educators or students deviate even slightly from the liberal narrative, they are mercilessly attacked, either physically, verbally, or sometimes both.

Dr. Bret Weinstein learned this firsthand last year when African American students at Evergreen State University in Washington decided to ban all white people from campus.

The ban on white people was a reversal of the University’s annual Day of Absence, where students and professors of color willingly stayed away from campus so that their presence could be felt.

A progressive himself, Weinstein supported this act of protest, until they flipped the script and told him that he could no longer be on school grounds.

As a Jew, Weinstein took issue with people attempting to ban him from a public place.

So Weinstein defied the protestors and went to teach his biology class, where all hell broke loose. Students screamed in Weinstein’s face and disrupted his class, calling him a racist and demanding his resignation.

Last week, Weinstein shared his harrowing experience with the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and explained just how far universities have fallen in terms of open discussion.

From Breitbart:

“During an exchange with Congressman Jim Jordan, Weinstein argued that students would not be permitted to state the fact that ‘Donald Trump is President of the United States’ in safe spaces on college campuses.

‘In a safe space could you say this sentence: ‘Donald Trump is President of the United States?’” Jordan asked.


‘It depends which version of ‘safe space’ you mean. If you mean the version of ‘safe space’ the way that it is used in common parlance on college campuses today then the question of whether or not you can say it is contingent on whether or not someone will be offended by that observation.'”

There can be no freedom of speech in safe spaces because even facts are offensive now. This coddling of college students is doing nothing to prepare them for the real world.

Congressman Jordan was flabbergasted that even stating who the President was could be considered “triggering” to a college student.

This shows the absurdity of what is going on on campuses and you have lived it in a physical way. This is what is scary,” Jordan told Weinstein.

If this is how colleges are operating these days – as propaganda mills as opposed to institutions of higher learning – then it’d be best to steer our children clear.

Employers are increasingly more interested in the old-fashioned traits like ambition and general go-get-’em attitudes, anyway, as they’re learning college graduates are more trouble than they’re worth.

And this is precisely the reason why.

Source: Breitbart

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