Top Republican Wants To Run Against Trump In 2020—Donald Goes ‘All 2016’ On Him

Even though Trump continues to win for our country, there are still enemies in our ranks.

So-called “conservatives” continue to undermine Trump’s presidency. Honestly, at this point, you have to be a complete idiot to doubt his success. Or a deliberate liar.

President Trump has scored numerous victories in just a year and a half. On top of that, he has made good on many of his major campaign promises. And he’s just getting started. Before he’s through, America will be the greatest it’s ever been. Who could argue with that?

Swamp dwellers, that’s who. These wolves in sheep’s clothing want to drag us back to the Dark Ages. One even claims to want to run for president in 2020. It didn’t take long for Trump go into ‘2016 mode’ and put him in his place.

From IJR:

President Donald Trump took aim at retiring Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who has not yet ruled out the possibility of a Republican primary challenge in 2020, on Twitter on Thursday, mocking him for even thinking about running for office again:

Flake, a frequent critic of the president, released excerpts on Wednesday night of his Thursday morning speech on the Senate floor. In them, he accused President Trump of providing “not grown-up leadership.”

Speculation as to whether Flake may launch a presidential bid in 2020 began swirling after the senator traveled to the nation’s first primary state, New Hampshire, in March and lamented President Trump’s “degradation of the United States and her values” in a speech.

Flake’s pathetic argument holds absolutely no water. He claims Trump is not a “decent republican.” Good, if that means a republican that bends over backward to liberal, globalist, social justice warriors!

Flake is one of a dying breed. The phony, dishonest “conservatives” who sold out their values to special interests. Much like his buddy Paul Ryan, his allegiance is questionable. He claims to care about American values, yet attacks the man who is making America great again.

Before Trump, conservatives had to put up with leaders that did not put them first. Republicans in Washington were basically puppets for globalist—special interests that shipped jobs overseas, while allowing illegal aliens steal what jobs were left. If Flake had his way, we’d all be out of work.

But that’s okay, he and his buddies would make out like bandits.

Trump totally roasted Flake with the cold, hard facts. Flake had to set down from his Senate seat, thanks to horrible numbers. His own state hates what he’s doing and would most likely vote for someone else. Yet this failure thinks he can challenge Trump in 2020? Flake must live in the same fantasy world as Hillary Clinton!

But let him talk. The more people like Flake embarrass themselves, the more America will wake up to their hypocrisy. So keep talking, Flake. You’re only helping Trump.

Source: IJR

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