After Sanctuary State Sues Trump, Donald Makes A Ruthless Announcement

There are no depths Democrats will not sink to in order to undermine the President of the United States—but Donald’s not putting up with it.

These pathetic cowards still can’t get over the 2016 election. Instead of growing up and doing what’s best for the country, they pout like little babies.

You’ll remember the amazing tax cuts bill Trump passed at the end of last year? The one that is now helping millions of Americans keep more of their money? Not on Democrat voted for it. That’s right. These babies would rather see you suffering, struggling to make ends meet, than cooperate with the POTUS.

And they think they’re going to sweep the mid-terms!

Now a sanctuary state has the gall to waste taxpayer dollars on a frivolous lawsuit. The lawsuit has no legs and is an incredible waste of time. The president is taking them to task.

From The Right Scoop:

The acting AG in New York has just sued Trump, his foundation and his children.:

Trump has already responded to this lawsuit on Twitter saying he will not settle:

You’d think the New York AG office would be more concerned with cleaning up their image. Their former boss, Eric Schneiderman, had to resign in disgrace. He was exposed for being a racist, sex abuser. That’s the caliber of leadership the Democrats put into office.

Instead of trying to fix their tarnished reputation, the AG office attacks the President. The lawsuit is baseless. They were only hoping that Trump would settle out of office, to save face. If taken to court it will most likely be thrown out, embarrassing the left once again.

But when have liberals ever done anything out of common sense? They have proven to be petty and vengeful. They refuse to cooperate with Trump to make America great again. It does not surprise me in the least they’d they waste everyone’s time with this pointless lawsuit.

It really tells you what the Democrats’ truly care about. So many important things happening in our country, and what are the up to? Flimsy lawsuits to undermine the White House.

So much for putting Americans first, eh Cuomo?

Don’t be surprised when Trump destroys these clowns in court.

Source: The Right Scoop

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