Donald Shines A Spotlight On Democrat Plan To Sabotage 2018 Elections

Another election season is on us. That means Democrats are going to try to lie, cheat, and steal to win.

We’ve seen this in the 2016 election. Democrats pulled out all the stops to steal the election. There was nothing they wouldn’t do to undermine our democracy. Obama used the FBI and DOJ to spy on Trump. Hillary Clinton paid outside forces to craft a bogus dossier. They relied on the media to slander Trump every day.

They lost that time. They’ll lose again.

But that won’t stop them from doing whatever it takes to destroy our country. Most Democrats don’t really believe in democracy. They don’t like Americans who are free. Free to think for themselves, chart their own destiny, and exercise their rights.

So they cheat.

President Trump took to Twitter to expose a plot by the left to steal the mid-terms. As you can imagine, it has everything to do with the sad, tired lie they’ve been telling for years.

From MSN:

President Trump on Tuesday said that the ongoing special counsel’s Russia investigation would amount to “MEDDLING” in this year’s midterm elections, his latest effort to cast the probe as motivated by partisan aims.

In a series of morning tweets, Trump sought to turn the tables on an investigation that began as an attempt to uncover Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible coordination between the Russians and Trump’s campaign…

The president has seized on the fact that some of the lawyers working on the investigation have donated to Democratic candidates in the past.

“Why aren’t the 13 Angry and heavily conflicted Democrats investigating the totally Crooked Campaign of totally Crooked Hillary Clinton,” Trump wrote. “It’s a Rigged Witch Hunt, that’s why! Ask them if they enjoyed her after election celebration!”

At this point, you have to be a complete idiot to believe Trump worked with Russia. After all this time, there is zero evidence to back it. Mueller’s probe has found nothing. It is simply a ruse they left keeps propping up.

Democrats want to fan the flames of the Mueller probe, hoping it hurts Republicans. If they can convince enough people that Trump really worked with Russia, then voters might turn on him. Never mind the fact that he’s done more for America in two years than the Democrats have done in decades.

That’s the point. The left will never win in a fair fight. Conservative politics will always trump toxic, liberal politics. The only advantage Democrats have is in lying. So, they will push the Russian hoax as much as they can, hoping that enough people will be foolish enough to believe them.

What else does the left have? They’ve done nothing in the last two years. Only block Trump’s plans to make America great again. Even in that, they’ve failed! They have no platform, no solutions, and no hope.

Their only recourse is to lie. And even that will fail them.

Source: MSN

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