Ted Cruz Takes On ‘Star Wars’ Mark Hamill In Internet Debate, The Best Man Won

Did you see Star Wars this weekend? I hope you had a good time. You might be upset, though, to learn a major character is a chump in real life.

Mark Hamill is famous for playing Luke Skywalker. In real life, he’s hardly a bastion of truth and justice. Instead, he fights for social justice. The liberal actor uses social media often. He spreads his radical, liberal views (which including banning the Second Amendment). Hamill is even more vocal, since Donald Trump’s election.

Last week, Trump’s FCC ended Obama’s Net Neutrality rules. Many liberals freaked out. They went to Twitter to whine about it. One of those liberals was Hamill.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz responded to one of Hamill’s complaints. Cruz used facts to explain why Obama’s NN rules were terrible. How did Hamill respond? He insulted the Senator! So, Cruz had to lay down the law.

From Twitchy:

You know that tweet we told you about this weekend where “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill attempted to poke fun at FCC Chairman Ajit Pai? Well, Sen. Ted Cruz responded to Hamill over it, and it’s pretty funny:

And then Hamill fired back and made fun of Cruz over that porn-tweet from earlier this year:

Cruz then responded to that with a lesson on the history of net neutrality:

Hamill couldn’t win in a fight with Cruz. Instead of using facts (and losing) he insulted the Senator. Imagine that. A Hollywood actor slandering a U.S. Senator. Hamill resorted to insults, smears, and mindless emotional abuse. Like so many other liberals.

Cruz, like the savvy social media user he is, schools the actor. It seems like he’s the one with the Jedi powers, after all. He parrys Hamill’s pathetic insults and uses facts to defend his stance.

The left can’t do that. Facts don’t back their terrible ideas. Liberals supported Net Neutrality, simply because it was an Obama-era policy. But it was bad for America. It gave the FCC (a 5-man group) power over the entire Internet. Obama refused to go through Congress. What else is new?

Repealing NN was the right thing to do. But liberals are too soft-brained to see it. Even a celebrated actor like Hamill.

Be sure to spread the word. Cruz made Luke Skywalker look like a fool. Even the emperor couldn’t do that!

Source: Twitchy

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