America’s #1 Tennis Player Risks It All For Trump In Gutsy Announcement

He made a bold statement for his President, and now he’s waiting on Donald’s next move.

In professional sports, we all know what happened to the NFL when players refused to stand for our anthem as a “protest.” It remains to be seen if the league will survive next season.

The long tradition of meeting with POTUS has been disgracefully rejected by professional football and basketball teams—much to their shame.

But at least one hot shot is defying the trolls to welcome the President, should he become the victor.

From Daily Mail:

If John Isner can ace his way through to Friday’s semi-finals, he is ready to incur the wrath of social media by inviting Donald Trump to Centre Court.

The US President — a big tennis fan — arrives in London for his UK visit on Thursday night and American No 1 Isner would appreciate the support should he reach the last four.

‘I’d love to have Trump come watch me,’ said No 9 seed Isner. ‘That would be awesome. Maybe I’ll tweet at him if I win on Wednesday. I know a lot of people won’t like that, but I don’t care.’

UPDATE: Isner wins in 4 sets!

Who wouldn’t want the President of the United States congratulating them on a major victory? You’d have to be pretty pathetic to snub the leader of the Free World, over politics. Yet that’s just what we’ve seen from America’s highly paid, self-centered athletes.

Isner is one of a few celebrities who refuses to let the wrath of libtards get in the way of his own success. Winning at Wimbledon means a lot to any tennis professional. Having the President on had to watch—or celebrate—would be a great honor.

In the past, few would have refused such an opportunity. Isner understands that and won’t let the toxic hate from the left stop him.

Perhaps more athletes will follow in his steps. We certainly would like to see more do so.

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Source: Daily Mail

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