Tourist Buys Trump Hat In NYC. Minutes Later He Learns ‘Freedom’ Is Dead In The USA

Patriots who voted for Donald Trump did so because they believe in freedom.

They want everyone in this country to enjoy the values our forefathers fought and died for, but sadly, not everyone feels that way.

Since Donald Trump was elected, there has been a huge backlash from the left. Apparently, they only love freedom when they have it.

People who think differently than them? They are bullied, harassed, and slandered.

Virtues like free speech, free press, and the right to bear arms are evils on the left. Even something as innocent as wearing a hat is a crime.

That’s just what one Danish tourist discovered when he put on a MAGA cap in New York; he soon discovered that the land of the free does not exist, where leftists thrive.

From Townhall:

“Jannich Andersen was enjoying New York City with his friends so much that he decided to buy his father a gift – a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

He said he bought it as a joke and thought it would be acceptable to wear around Union Square subway station. However, a couple of thugs found nothing funny about his accessory choice…

‘(One of them) looks at me and asks if I knew what the hat meant, what it symbolized and I said yes,’ Andersen said.

He said, ‘You’re not gonna leave here with this (the hat).

‘I reached out to him and grabbed it back,’ the tourist said. ‘He pulled my shirt and ripped it. I get it back.

I tried to walk back to the subway and just as I’m about to go downstairs he grabs it again and pushes me and ripped my shirt again.’

At this point, Andersen wanted to continue to try and get his hat back. But his friend warned him that the assailants had a knife on them.

What is wrong with liberal-controlled cities? Clearly, they are crawling with hate-driven thugs; they can’t even accept someone wearing a Trump hat.

Worst of all, they claim conservatives are hateful and racist. But we’re not the ones pulling out knives and stealing hats from tourists, now are we?

This has become a nasty, disturbing trend all over America:

Citizens put up flags in support of our country or President, only for them to be torn down and trampled on.

People who wear MAGA hats in New York are often confronted with violence. Not long ago, a woman smashed a man in the face with a bottle, because he wore the iconic red cap.

Meanwhile, liberals go on TV claiming Trump supporters are violent and full of hate. Really?

Trump supporters form free speech rallies to celebrate the First Amendment, and liberals show up and start trouble. Conservatives in liberal towns can be sure of harassment, discrimination, and violence.

Oh yes, we’re “free,” all right…provided we to the liberal line and say and do exactly as we’re told. How is this NOT fascism?!

Source: Townhall

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