President Trump Breaks $100 Trillion Barrier—Democrats Said He Couldn’t Do It

Many on the left warned American voters that electing President Trump would be disastrous for the economy. Hillary Clinton even said that electing Trump would cause a recession.

She cited the multiple times his businesses filed for bankruptcy as an example of Trump’s fiscal ineptitude but ignored the fact that many successful people, including past presidents, have gone through similar rough patches.

Presidents Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and William McKinley were also forced to file for bankruptcy during their lifetimes.

But Trump always earned what he lost back, and then some. He’s remarkably business savvy and has been hard at work for the American people since his election. Trump is doing what he does best and is negotiating the best possible deals.

His hard work appears to be paying off—bigly. Unemployment is at historic lows, trade deals have never been better, and now America’s overall wealth has seen a significant uptick.

And he just celebrated with America on an unimaginably large breakthrough.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Americans’ wealth surpassed the $100 trillion mark for the first time in early 2018, as rising home prices offset the hit to households’ assets from a stock-market swoon in the first quarter.

Household net worth—the value of all assets such as stocks and real estate minus liabilities like mortgage and credit-card debt—rose by 1% from the previous quarter, or more than a trillion dollars, to a record $100.768 trillion, according to a report released by the Federal Reserve on Thursday.

The rising property valuations are an especially encouraging sign, given the hit the housing market took in 2008.

Overall, the value of households’ real estate rose by $489.6 billion. This reflects how high home prices are rising across the country.

This economic turnaround could never have happened under Obama, who spent more time meeting with celebrities and taking selfies than he did working hard for the country.

In fact, Obama talked frequently about how Trump’s economic plans would never come to fruition while he was campaigning for Hillary. “Some of those jobs of the past are not gonna come back,” Obama said during a Clinton rally.  “[Trump] just says, ‘I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ How exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have?”

Abracadabra, Barack.

Thankfully, President Trump is finding ways to undo the damage his predecessors inflicted on our economy, and confidence in American business has never been higher.

It truly is too much winning, but President Trump wants us to win more!

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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