Donald Donates His Entire 4th-Quarter Salary To Program That Helps Millions Of Everyday Americans

Here’s the liberal narrative on President Donald Trump:

He’s greedy, cold, and doesn’t care about anyone besides himself.

That’s just one of several hugely negative and insulting messages the liberal press has spread throughout the country, ever since Trump decided to run for office.

The evidence, however, paints a very different picture of our current Commander-in-Chief.

Obviously, the man has a lot of money (which is inherently evil in the eyes of the lazy, do-nothing Socialists), but he’s hardly running around on personal spending sprees.

No, in fact, he has frequently donated his salaries to support his motto, “Make America Great Again.”

Most recently, Trump decided to give his entire fourth-quarter salary to a part of this country that desperately needs it:

Via USA Today:

One day after rolling out a major infrastructure plan, the White House announced that Trump’s fourth-quarter salary of $100,000 will go to rebuilding what Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called ‘our crumbling infrastructure.’

President Trump has made our ailing architecture a priority since the moment he declared he’d run for President of the United States.

And he continues to make good on his promise.

This is only the start, too: that $100K is a drop in the bucket compared to the whopping $21 billion Trump’s administration plans to spend on the infrastructure in fiscal year 2019.

Even so, his donation is a fantastic gesture and proves his heart is in the right place. He wants to HELP America.

And if this means using his own money to do that, so be it. Did Barack Obama ever do this? Trump continues to donate every penny of his salary to federal agencies, you know.

He has also given to the National Park Service, the Department of Education, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

This is a true leader, right here!

Source: USA Today

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