After Democrats Attack Trump’s Budget Plans, His Results Shake Washington

You know, there is a reason so many Americans voted for Trump.

They knew a successful businessman could get Washington in order. A man that took his father’s modest business and become a billionaire, knows a thing or two.

Trump didn’t become an international success by being bad with money. He didn’t become a celebrated real estate mogul and TV personality by being a bad leader. Yet his greatest challenge yet was to put D.C. in order.

The federal government is notoriously corrupt and wasteful. Insider politicians (a.k.a.: the swamp) don’t like to clean up their act. Billions are wasted on needless programs.

President Trump wasn’t going to let that go on any longer. His policies over the last year and a half changed everything. Now the economy is doing very, very well.

In fact, a new report has come out that proves Trump’s work is even helping the government. Bigly.

From IJR:

The federal government gained a record sum in taxes during the month of April, marking its largest monthly budget surplus ever, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

According to the report, the United States spent $297 billion last month, but took in a whopping $515 billion in taxes, giving us a surplus of $218 billion and beating the previously held record of $190 billion back in 2001.

CBO analysts were reportedly surprised by the outcome after predicting the surplus to be $40 billion less and attributed it to “stronger-than-expected” economic growth last year and this year, as taxpayers had more money in their pockets for Uncle Sam to take.

“Those payments were mostly related to economic activity in 2017 and may reflect stronger-than-expected income growth in that year,” they explained in their report.

Oh really? The budget is looking good, because of the economy? My, oh, my. What happened last year that helped the economy so much? Was it Obama’s terrible policies finally kicking in?

It’s okay, you can take a minute and laugh at that one.

Perhaps, it was because of Trump’s dynamic impact on the economy. One of his earliest moves was to slash regulation. That allowed U.S. businesses to surge. Deal after deal helped bring more jobs and business into the country. People are earning more. Even the tax cuts resulted in a boost for the government.

We didn’t see that kind of surplus during the Obama’s yeras. A word like surplus is rarely next to government. But there ya go. Trump’s impact is undeniable now.

Let’s see if CNN reports on this fairly. Most likely they will sweep it under another Russia/Stormy Daniels hit piece.

Don’t let them get away with it. Be sure to spread this amazing news with everyone you know.

Source: IJR

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