Donald Scores Exclusive Victory For Americans—No President In History Has Come Close

When Donald Trump was running for President, he promised he’d get America working again.

He’d create a healthier, more attractive environment for big companies that offer lots of jobs, and he’d fight to offer as many jobs as possible to American citizens.

Consider that promise kept.

A new report from the Labor Department proves that President Trump has made great strides in the job market, which has now reached historic heights.

The data shows that for the first time in U.S. history, our country now has enough available positions to give every unemployed individual a job!

This is no small feat and not only because it has never happened before. Under Obama, fewer people went to work and the economy suffered. But with Trump … well, the future is here!

From Breitbart:

There were a record 6.6 million job openings at the end of March, the Labor Department said.


With unemployment down at 3.9 percent, that means there are enough jobs to employ everyone looking to work for the first time since the data began to be collected.

Of course, this doesn’t mean everyone will end up with a job, but it means the possibilities are there. And that’s what really matters.

An increase in job openings should still translate to a decrease in unemployment, though economists say there are various reasons why some people can’t find work.

For instance, we have an aging population (more retirees than ever), rapid changes in the economy have created a “skills mismatch,” and some employers are unwilling to raise wages to attract workers.

Even so, since Trump was elected, these disconnects have started to abate. Job openings are once again starting to coincide with unemployment rates.

The country can indeed start getting back to work, and there’s now little excuse for people who refuse to get a job.

Trump’s actions have resulted in a historic situation out there, so more citizens than ever have the opportunity to be productive!

Source: Breitbart

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