President Trump Announces Latest ‘Undocumented’ Plan—It’s America’s New Motto

President Trump has a new name for his controversial ‘undocumented’ plan—somebody should make a bumper sticker of it for patriots.

If we don’t do something about the endless flood of “undocumenteds,” we’re going to be overrun.

That is what the Donald Trump administration has been trying to say ever since it began.

It has nothing to do with anti-immigration, and everything to do with anti-illegal immigration. If you dodge immigration laws, you shouldn’t be allowed in.

It’s really that simple. And yet, Democrats continue to push their own agenda fueled by lies and sensationalized stories in the media, all of which ignore the harsh facts.

But President Trump isn’t about to back down.

This week, he called the U.S. immigration policy a “hodgepodge of laws” that are wildly ineffective. We need a clearer, more streamlined approach.

And he’s got the perfect motto (via IJR):

It’s so simple,” the president reportedly said. “It’s called, ‘I’m sorry you can’t come in.’

The comment came after the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold Trump’s controversial travel ban, saying the President does have the constitutional authority to implement such a ban in the name of national security.

After the meeting, Trump was asked if he planned to move forward with the ban.

“Of course,” is all he had to say in response.

Later, he delivered his “I’m sorry you can’t come in” statement and it rang loudly in the ears of Americans who are sick and tired of taking care of the world’s discarded trash.

Unfortunately, that is precisely what a large percentage of illegal immigrants are, and Trump knows it. We all know it.

A nation without borders isn’t a nation. Just ask every other civilized country on the planet.

All this proves is that liberals don’t merely want immigration laws … they want no laws. And these are the people who think they can run a country…?

Source: Independent Journal Review

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