President Trump Pardons Top Republican—Democrats Are In Serious Trouble

Democrats know they are losing ground in America, and they’re willing to do anything to win.

They are particularly nasty towards their rivals. If you try to expose the left for its crimes, they will come after you.

We saw that during Obama’s administration when he used the IRS to attack Tea Party groups. His administration also went after a top conservative filmmaker—for exposing the Clintons.

He ended up playing a big role in getting Trump elected in 2016, letting out Hillary’s secrets in the theaters.

But thanks to Trump, this filmmaker is back in action. A big problem for the Left.

From CNBC:

President Donald Trump said Thursday he plans to issue a pardon to Dinesh D’Souza, a prominent conservative commentator and filmmaker who was convicted of making an illegal campaign contribution.

Trump said he will pardon D’Souza on Thursday, adding that D’Souza “was treated very unfairly by our government!”

In his 2016 film, “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party,” D’Souza implied that his felony conviction was a politically motivated attack by the government in retaliation for an earlier film of his about the Obama administration, according to The New York Times’ review of the film.

UPDATE: And Dinesh gives his response to President Trump’s pardon:

Uh, duh! D’Souza has been a powerful and outspoken critic of the left. His work exposing the Democrats has made a huge impact on our country. Countless Americans discovered—some for the first time—how deep their corruption goes.

Naturally, they would have done anything to silence him. D’Souza admits he broke the law with his contributions. But this is hardly a cardinal sin. Obama’s U.S. attorneys threw the book at him, just to send a message. They were going to ruin this young man’s career, simply because his politics differed from theirs.

And his work helped dismantle their evil regime.

We see this kind of thing happen across our country. Liberals abuse their power to take out conservative threats. Thankfully, Trump’s pardon will clear D’Souza of any lasting penalties and problems. You know what that means: he will go back to doing what he does best. And the left is terrified.

D’Souza will most likely hit the ground running. He will be torching the left, with a vengeance. More secrets and lies will be exposed. More democrat heads will roll.

Source: CNBC

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